The Seapower brand by TR Industries has been offering the highest quality of cleaners, protectants, and polishes throughout the world since 1930.   Boat Detailing professionals often  turn to our products for Maximum  long term Boat Protection because of our high quality and Seapower brand reputation as the “marine surface care experts”.   Each product is formulated with a unique, long-lasting and effective formula  which produces a like new boat surface time and time again after application.

Step 1- Our Original Wash N Wash product starts the boat cleaning product like no other; Step 2-Cleaner & Wax cleans, removes oxidation,and polishes  the exterior fiberglass/gel-coat surface; Step 3-Super Poly with a unique blend of resin and carnauba polishes and seals the boat’s fiberglass/gel -coat surface providing the final coat of protection like no other on the market for an entire year.  All 3 product formulas combined together provide the ultimate in marine detail perfection

Our Expanded product line offers  even more unique product options for every section of the boat.  Scratch and Oxidation Remover, for light scratch/heavy oxidation removal, and surface color restoration;Water Spot Remover, for stubborn interior and exterior marine water spots; Inflatable Boat Cleaner, Softens and Restores  all rubber inflatable boats, rafts, and accessories ; Leather, Vinyl, and Rubber Protectant with UV Blocker,provides maximum  surface restoration and protection from ultraviolet rays; Metal Polish a “one of a kind” cleaner and polish for all marine metal surfaces;BilgeCleaner, a one step non-toxic biodegradable cleaner for the bilge;and NEW from Seapower a Hi-Speed Detailer product for a fast, effective boat spot detailer.