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Scratch and Oxidation Remover

A one of a kind product which restores color to the exterior boat surface, and removes oxidation. Brings back original color and luster while removing the heaviest surface oxidation and fading. For gel coast/fiberglass surfaces. .

To Use:

Shake well before using. For Hand Use: Wash or hose off surface to remove any loose dirt or gritty materials. Apply SeaPower Cleaner and Wax with a small piece of Turkish towel. Rub briskly in even overlapping circular motions. Allow to dry, and then remove haze with a clean soft cloth or toweling. Turn wiping cloth often to assure a brilliant luster. For Machine Use: Apply SeaPower Cleaner and Wax and buff a small portion at a time. Buff until clear and dry and when entire area is finished, wipe off excess with a clean soft cloth.

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