Leather, Vinyl, and Rubber Protectant with UV Blocker
16 Ounce Squeeze Bottle SSP-16

Provide high quality, high protection, and a high gloss shine for all vinyl, leather, and rubber surfaces. Restores luster and softness to those boat surfaces. Also eliminates dulling and retards cracking of soft surfaces. Contains maximum UV protection blockers. Effective on the boat interior and exterior surfaces.
Gel-Gloss Mink Oil for Leather
1 Pint Squeeze Bottle TRMO-8

Leather Protector and Conditioner which conditions, restores, and shines all leather surfaces while creating a protective barrier that inhibits leather from drying and cracking. Contains a synthetic Mink Oil Blend which restores leather couches and chairs, boots, belts, purses, briefcases, and auto upholstery to its original “like new” and supple appearance.