Seapower Cleaner and Wax
In Pint, Quart, Gallon and 5 Gallon sizes

One step gel-coat/fiberglass boat surface wax detailer . Cleans, seals, and shines the exterior boat surface in one application. Contains the finest Carnauba waxes and silicones that provide the ultimate in marine boat surface cleaning and protection. Removes surface oxidation,residue, black streak dock marks,grease, dirt, and light scratches. No water is necessary. Works well on chrome boat surfaces also. Excellent for hand cloth use or an orbital buffer.
Seapower Metal Polish
1 Pint Container SMPO-8

Easily cleans and polishes most metals with severe oxidation , corrosion or stains in a fast, and easy cleaning process . For use on marine stainless steel,chrome, brass, cooper, aluminum, and magnesium surfaces. Polishes and removes scratches from plastic, plexiglass, and Lexan also.